How Faith Expansion Happens

One day you will bump into an undeniable truth that will conflict with all you’ve known up until that moment. By evolutionary law, we, as organisms must grow. The way one has been conditioned to believe, until this shifting moment, is a conglomeration of past history and experiences. You, inevitably, will be challenged with legitimate facts and possibilities that are supposed to uproot your entire worldview.

Whether or not this truth-telling experience will open Pandora’s box and send you into the realm of expansion depends on how tethered you are to your religion, your culture, and your comfort. I will call this, your tribe. Whether you will truly expand will also depend on whether you are woke enough to identify how our 3 primal needs are easily manipulated in tribal systems designed to control masses. Those primal needs are —the need for



and safety.

If your ego has been marinating in the rich sauce of validation and social safety that tribal-think provides, then the thought of losing the narcotic buzz of being accepted and acknowledged in your social circles may be too unsavory for you. The bitterness that accompanies the differentiation expansion requires is not appetizing to most. The mind will find a way to lull you back into the slumbering safety of the tribal lullaby.

If you have been indoctrinated to believe that you will be separated from your family in the next life or separated from God in this life for believing outside the approved tribal narrative, then that doctrinal anchor, fixed in you, has the power to reel you back into the tribal boat. Threatening to be severed from that which is most precious to us (our loved ones and our connection to our Creator) for not conforming, is an ancient and effective way of getting the masses to perform and conform to the wishes of the elite.

If the tribal codes have convinced you that those outside of their walls are deceived, lost, living a less enlightened life, or even in danger of the devil, then the idea that you will lose the protection of the tribe if you leave, has the power to override any factual conflicting truths that push against your current paradigm. It is not likely you will make the shift into accelerated expansion.

The moment the hunger of the soul to know the truth exceeds the ego’s thirst for acceptance, connection, and safety, is the moment you will cross the threshold of the ancient narratives into the expansive abyss of infinite possibilities. Traveler beware, once you’ve crossed the threshold, if you ever attempt to return, you will never come back the same –you cannot undo further light and knowledge.

Only those who have actually crossed over the threshold and ventured into the expansive abyss truly know the sacrifice, and pain, the mental unpacking, and grief associated with faith expansion. Those still inside the village can only speculate what is happening to those who travel outside its boarders. The outsiders exploration of their newfound freedom, to the insider, appears reckless, dangerous, proof that safety is found only in the tribe. What the insider cannot see is that what looks reckless to them is actually the explorer discovering their own boundaries, organically, without the overlay of the fear-based doctrines.

The strenuous process of expansion and increased self-awareness is learning to know what is good and right for the individual without being told what is good and right from the tribe. The process of expansion is learning to know the Self at an intimate level. As a result, the expander may discover that their closest relationships were not authentic or healthy. They may seek to experiment with adult substances and see how they can create a healthy relationship with them in their world. They may develop a new relationship with their body and their preferences, which may cause them to dress differently than the tribe. Instead of seeking to win the approval of the tribe, they are now more involved in discovering what interests and impresses them. They may discover that what aligns with their heart is in direct conflict with what is aligned with the tribe. Without the belief that they are intrinsically bound to the tribal narrative of being broken, fallen, in need of rescue, they are free to become genuine world travelers, free to explore, free to roam.

If you were to ask one who has left the tribe, what is most different about them now compared to before they left –many would respond:

I am finally free to be me instead of what the tribe expected me to be.

I am happier learning to meet my own expectations than trying to meet the expectations of the tribe.

I’ve been unburdened from the fear of not being accepted, not being connected, and not being safe.


out here….

I am not lost at all.

The only acceptance I need is my own.

I have connected with myself, as a result I connect more authentically with others.

I am no longer in danger of annihilation.

In fact, it took leaving the tribe to find myself and in finding myself I realize it was worth the risk to lose everything else to be found.

Ironically, or perhaps intentionally, we are then born into a new tribe –and the process of evolution begins all over again.

Evidently God isn’t so worried about the path we are on –we were expected to roam. God is perhaps more interested in whether we are growing.

For support in faith transition:

Facebook: Thriving after Mormonism Group
Website: Thriving after Mormonism


Breaking Away for my Birthday

Today is a special day for me. It marks the day I was born into this dimension where I began receiving multiple downloads from the world about the world, myself and God. I accepted those downloads as if they were the truth and I have always tried to valiantly live according to what I knew as truth. Although I don’t always do the right things, I have always been a good girl.

I have, for many years now, been challenging what I know as truth, especially when it does not set well with my conscience. I have discovered more value and depth by giving myself permission to study veins of truth outside the prescribed theology of the religion of my youth.

What truth means to me is no longer truth because someone in authority has told me it is truth, it is true because it awakens my soul to deeper dimensions of understanding my role on this plane of reality.

What is truth to me?

It is that which expands my ability to love.

It is that which invites me into a deeper connection to the divine within me and the divine that created me.

It is that which increases my capacity to find what is holy and beautiful in others.

It is that which puts me in a wild compassion for the suffering of others because it reveals the quality of oneness already woven into the cells of our DNA. When they hurt, I hurt.

Truth unites.

Truth elevates the soul.

Truth equalizes the value of every sentient being and its importance in the great plan.

Truth releases me from the burden of my false self and unites me with a divinely orchestrated intelligence that is breathing every one of us.

What I have discovered for myself, is that much of what my church teaches just isn’t true, it certainly is not the only truth, and it most definitely is not the source of truth. That being said, my church does contain some precious truths and it has been instrumental in leading me to the truth, and for this I am ever grateful for my LDS heritage and I am very endeared to the church.

It would be well for you to know….

For anyone who may feel defensive toward what I am saying, it would be well to know that I understand the need to defend what we believe. There is no need to presume that Wendi Jensen thinks she knows something more or better than others. The opposite is true. For the first time in my life I am embracing what it feels like to NOT think I have something more or better than others that I need them to subscribe to.

There is something so liberating and love-infusing to be free of the need to convert others because I believe my way is better or that it is the only way or they will be lost if they don’t buy in. I don’t need to convert others, I only need to convert myself into a more loving and accepting being.

For those who fear I am throwing my LDS covenants to the wind, it might be well for you to know that my personal covenants with God are in full force, it is the covenants with the church I no longer subscribe to.

For those who may think my choice to step beyond Mormonism is hasty or that I’ve been deceived. It would be well for you to know that this process has been emerging for me for well over five years. I know there are many, but I personally know only a few who have studied LDS doctrine with as much passion as I have. I don’t say that to impress anyone. I say it because I realize that in our theology we cannot afford to be wrong or deceived lest we risk losing everything precious to us. I don’t take my religion lightly. Anyone who knows me knows I never have. My scriptures show the wear of one who is eagerly and desperately searching for truth. It is my nature and it probably always will be.

For those of you who may think I am denying or diminishing what Jesus Christ has done. It would be well for you to know that since I have given myself permission to study Jesus Christ outside the veins of LDS theology my view of Christ has changed. My relationship with Christ has changed. My reverence and understanding of Christ and His gift has magnified, not diminished. My walk with Christ has become more intimate. This is perhaps the most precious aspect of my faith expansion. I would never leave my sweet Jesus.

For those of you who may think that I look down on you because you are still a believer in the LDS church. It would be well for you to know that I see great value in the church and if it is feeding your soul and serving to develop your spirit, then it is the perfect place for you. If it brings you closer to Christ and increases your ability to love others, then that is the sweet spot, right where God can work with you. If it is allowing you to fully magnify your gifts and serve in the capacity you were designed to serve in, then it is certainly where you need to be, and where God can best use you.

If this is you, try to understand that the church is not having the same effect on others that it is having on you. This is one reason why many are leaving. In fact, membership in the LDS church can be just the opposite for some.

Getting fed elsewhere

Many of the church doctrines do not feed my soul and they haven’t for quite some time. My attendance at church feels confining, confusing and constricting. Some of the doctrines I have been taught have limited and denied me full access to the grace of my Savior. The culture and theology of the church has caused a schism between me and my ability to fully love and accept others. My gifts have been attacked, reigned in, limited and certainly of no value to the patriarchal structure of the church. I feel stifled restrained, mocked, and diminished. The church is not where God can best use me. I am weary of trying to fit in. The church is not healthy for me. However, let it be known that I am not excusing myself because I am uncomfortable, I am excusing myself because it is not where I am supposed to be.

One of the most beautiful aspects of my faith expansion is that through Christ’s admonition to ask, knock and seek His promises have been kept.

All I have asked for He has given

When I have knocked it has been opened

All I have sought has been found

We are having a good time together, me and Jesus. Inquiring of the Lord has been the single most precious gift in my life second only to the grace of God.

My questions have been hard. In fact, I have surprised myself with the audacity of some of my questions. But what I know now is that we have a direct line to God. I am not special. God desires to reveal the mysteries to all of us. God delights in our inquiry. The fruit of all revelation is first planted in the seed of a question. Your questions are not my questions which I think is a beautiful thing. I am not ashamed of my questions. I am not ashamed that I have doubts about whether what I have been conditioned to believe is true and neither should you.

Indeed, if any of you lack wisdom, let her ask of God, who giveth to women/men liberally and upbraideth not, it will be given her. Let her ask in faith, nothing wavering (James 1:5-6)

It was Joseph Smith that taught me that if the answers God is giving are not matching up with the traditions of men then it is my prerogative to live in harmony with what I know is true.

For now, I bring what is pure, what is true, what is good and wholesome about my religion and I carry it with me, but I toss the rest aside. I look forward with anticipation for what else God would like to show me.

For those who may cry out for me to “get back into the boat” oh, I will be back to visit often, I love the good ship, but the one who beckons me to follow Him is not in a boat, He is walking on the water and that is where I will go.

Traveling the full spectrum of Mormonism to find Christ


I grew up in a devout Mormon home with faithful, believing and hardworking parents. My dad was especially drawn in to the religion and philosophy. I remember him in his morning robe with scriptures and books laid open on the kitchen table and his large strong fingers scrolling words onto paper. It was as if no one else were in the room. Mom was engaged. She was a doer. She lived Mormonism in action. I didn’t see her super passionate about the scriptures but she was very much engaged in raising a righteous family.

I was a pleaser, always wanting to do the right thing and gain the approval of my elders and my peers. I enjoyed the social parts of church and, like my dad I loved the theology. I was an attentive child.

In my high school days I was preoccupied with school, friends, fitting in, impressing and pleasing teachers. I did church but it wasn’t my priority. I attended seminary. I was listening. I also had normal teen urges to be loved and create relationships but I was harnessed enough never to go too far with a boy.

I was married in the temple at 18 because 18 year olds are ready for that kind of stuff, right? Some people said it was a little young, but most people didn’t have a problem with it. My husband and I look back at it and say, “what were we thinking?” My point is, I was submerged in the culture of Mormonism but honestly at 18, though I was spiritually interested, I was not engaged with the doctrine as much as I was conditioned to the system. I could speak the language and function in the culture, but I was not spiritually awake.

Learning to tow the line

It wasn’t until my 1st child was born that something clicked within me that caused all the teachings to put me in hyperdrive. I remember the exact moment I looked into the eyes of my infant child suckling on my breast and my maternal desire to keep her safe. The thoughts of losing her were so intense. It was that moment when the religious programming kicked into overdrive. If I did not walk in full obedience to the teachings of the church and the prophets, I would not qualify to have my family in the next life. If I did not tow the line with exactness I would be responsible for my children going astray and they wouldn’t be with me even if I made it. This is when I became valiant. The list of what I had to do to qualify for the highest degree of heaven was etched on my heart and the checking off began.

Guilt about missing a FHE, the only reassurance we would have our family in the next life. Guilt about not having enough food storage because, you know, Noah and the Ark. Guilt about not getting visiting teaching done, only true disciples feed His sheep and if bad things happened to those women and I didn’t know about it, I was a failure. I couldn’t risk having my children contaminated by public schools so I felt obligated to homeschool them. I was a terrible home schooling mother. I hoped God would make up the difference for my extreme efforts to protect and train my children. My heart was in the right place, right? My house needed to be tidy, cleanliness is next to godliness. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, serving, calling, pregnant, nursing, teacher, all the while I am living with the undertone of fear, that if I wasn’t good enough then I would be denied my family in the next life. This mental anchor alone allowed the church to do whatever they wanted with me.

My efforts to be perfect in the gospel (or should I say perfect in the church) caused me to know the doctrine. When asked to teach I dug deep. I was a deeply embedded, totally submerged, fully harnessed church broke zombie. My inadequacy kept me vigilant. My desperation to have my family in the next life kept me diligent.

Why won’t he just show himself to me

It was the exhaustion that kept me searching for the answer to peace. I became mesmerized by the idea of seeing Christ. I was one of the most obedient women I knew and so I felt I was qualified to have an encounter. I guess you could say I felt entitled, I mean, I was hearing stories of lesser beings seeing angels and the Savior. Just that one more thing, I thought, that one last think I need to before His image would appear. That’s when Denver Snuffer and John Pontius come into the picture. They kept me believing that I could be pulled through the veil. I thought of myself as a zealot like Christ, what I didn’t know is that I was becoming more of a fanatic like Warren Jeffs. I awoke out of that nightmare the day I attended Denver Snuffer’s final event on his 40 years in Mormonism tour in Mesa, AZ Sept 9, 2014. Something snapped and the spell broke. I realized I was with a group of fanatics who were starving for leadership and spiritual depth. They, like me, were empty and bored at church and wanted more and Denver Snuffer is a convincing character who feeds the ego. The whole idea of being associated with the remnant causes my ego to dance like boss.

At the time the Snuffer spell was broken I was already aware of the historical whitewashing done by the church to make the saints appear so innocent and victimized. I wasn’t buying in to polygamy. I think if Denver were a woman he would have spun that doctrine a little more creatively but it was a nice try. Though Denver seemed to paint Joseph with an even holier brush than the main body of saints, I wasn’t buying in. I had read Richard Bushman’s Rough Stone Rolling. I wasn’t willing to accept that Joseph was a fraud and a charlatan but I knew that something must have went wrong with him along the way. An interesting side note, my dad tried to tell me he thought Joseph was a fallen prophet a few years before he died. I would have none of it so he dared not share more.

It was also at this time there was some news resurfacing about the FLDS drama and I could not help asking myself how these women could not wake up out of such an obvious trance. I began studying cult structures, mind control and spiritual manipulation. I began listening to John Dehlin and the stories of others who were having doubts. I knew I needed a break from church because of the anxiety I was having sitting in the pews. Knowing what I knew I couldn’t pretend I was on board and I certainly couldn’t teach the classes that were required for my calling, they were out of alignment with my integrity.

Ready to study abroad

I began studying other veins of knowledge regarding Jesus Christ. Andrew Harvey’s Son of Man, Yogananda’s The Yoga of Jesus, Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, the Gnostic gospels. I learned that the Christ I had been taught in Mormonism was kind of like a plastic Jesus. These other books were helping me discover things like Grace, the Mortal Jesus, the metaphysical Jesus, the teacher Jesus, the conscious Jesus. My prayers got deeper, meditation was no longer optional. I learned how to go inward and identify the holiness within myself, things I had never considered in Mormonism. The more I knew Jesus, his radicalness, his path of awakening, his wild compassion for humanity and his blatant resistance to authority and legalism, the more I knew the LDS church was not being led by this same man who they claim is at the head. The backwards traditions, the patriarchal, authoritarian dominance, the lack of spiritual development within the main body of saints, the focus on external behavior and expected deference for the priesthood and leaders. This isn’t Christ’s way. I realized the reason I hadn’t had my Christ visitation is because I honestly didn’t know Christ and I was trying to bring some other guy into the room so I could see and touch Him. I know now that having the Christ consciousness activated and meld within me is far more effective than worshiping Him as a distant being I was begging audience with. Christ calls to the holiness within me. He doesn’t not require me to bow down at His feet, He invites me to wear His feet.

I have traveled the full spectrum of Mormonism, the church that claims to be the only authorized church of Jesus Christ. I have outgrown what it has to offer. If the intent of the church was to lead me to Christ, I would honestly have to say, I found Him in spite of the church, not because of it.

What is the 3rd Dimension?


First of all, when we refer to dimensions in this context we are referring to a state of consciousness. The 3rd dimension is a state of the mind that is caught up in the physical realm. In religious terms it is what is meant by our minds being blinded by the god of this world so the power of God cannot shine unto us. (2 Cor 4:4)

This state is where satan rules as a supreme influence on our ideals, opinions, goals, hopes and views of the world. It is a state of fear that encompasses the world’s philosophies, education, and commerce. The thoughts and ideas and speculations of the collective consciousness are fear based and are constructed to manipulate, control, gain wealth and power, exploit the innocent and ignorant and marginalize those who are different. Most of our institutions, governments, religions and systems were built upon these 3rd dimensional foundations which is why they are crumbling as we are shifting into the 5th dimension. Just as we cannot take our 3rd dimensional baggage into the 5th dimension, so too, will these entities be required to shed their contaminated ideals.

This 3rd dimensional state of consciousness is an essential stage of development. The suffering we experienced in this lower state of consciousness was designed for us to gain further light and knowledge. When we have awakened the suffering dissolves. This veil of illusion or what we call a fall from grace is a divine experiment to expand our awareness on a soul level. It is intended for us to learn the principles of love and compassion. We are at a time in the history of the world where many are piercing this veil and stepping into full fellowship with Christ. They are waking up to the truth of who they really are. Consider the turmoil we are experiencing in our social structures is an indication that there are finally enough conscious people on the planet to sustain the birth of a new world.

When we are no longer suffering with our identity crisis and we know who we are as divine infinite beings we cannot be ruled by 3rd dimensional constructs, we are instructed from a higher source designed to unify and elevate the human condition. We have transcended the need to “get ahead” and compete with one another and instead see the whole vision and feel called to work together as a whole to serve one another. It is as if our vocation aligns to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of humankind.

What is beautiful and quite unpredictable about shifting into the 5th dimension is that this shift in consciousness is not happening to any specific country, religion, culture or race. People are waking up to their inner voice and seeking that divine intuition that inspires them to use their innate gifts to contribute on a level that transcends these 3rd dimensional constructs. What that means is that it is futile to look for the one true system and I believe the divine experiment was designed this way and I will tell you why. Because until we learn to strengthen our intuition and the spiritual mechanisms built within us to connect directly with our Creator we will continue to seek external guidance. Jesus Christ said the kingdom of God is within. (Luke 17:21) Until we learn to access the kingdom of God (which by the way is another title for the 5th dimension) we can be manipulated by manmade constructs founded upon 3rd dimensional ideals. We must trade in our desire for someone else to lead us and seek to follow the internal compass or the still small voice that will direct our lives beyond the glass ceilings placed upon us by these 3rd dimensional constructs.

Now in Christian religious terms we call this process taking upon us the name of Christ or developing the mind of Christ, becoming one with the Father. It is the language we use in our culture to explain the expansion of consciousness; however, just because we are Christian and study “the Word” does not mean we have become conscious beings, nor does it mean that Christians are the only ones waking up. Not at all. Because religion has been such a tool of manipulation in the past and is guilty of exploiting and marginalizing and fueling divisiveness and separation many people find that religion is not serving them and they are seeking a personal relationship with that higher part within them that seeks to edify and elevate the whole of humanity and alleviate the suffering of the planet by taking action rather than seeking comfort in joining an ideology. And, as I see it, this is the true Christ path. Now I am not encouraging anyone to leave their religion because it may well be that you are being called to be an instrument in helping your religion lose their baggage. Religion (if used properly) is an instrument and a tool to consciousness not the Source. Here is the great secret. Allow yourself to be instructed from within as to what your part is in this great awakening. Follow that still small voice in the absence of fear.

What is the 3rd dimension? It is the realm of the Fall and anything that feeds the illusion that we are separate from God. As we awaken and expand our consciousness we have been rescued from the domain of darkness, and transferred into the kingdom of His beloved Son. (Col 1:13)

A Shifting Prayer: O God, increase my capacity to identify and release the philosophies of men and the traditions of the fathers that do not serve Your purposes. Expand my capacity to see all my brothers and sisters as vital pieces in the grand plan. Release the constructs, systems, blocks and barriers that have limited my potential and clouded my sacred calling. Direct my path, oh God and lead me away from the temptation to believe I am separate from you. Breathe Your consciousness into me this day and animate me with a generous supply of your mercy and compassion. In Jesus name, Amen. 

How a Persecution Complex becomes the Devil’s Playground

4548380913_12e9348018 com.plex: noun 1.(psychol) an acute irrational fear that other people are plotting one’s downfall and that they are responsible for one’s failures.

This mental state can be experienced on a personal level or an ethnocentric level (feeling that my people, my family, my tribe or my religion is under attack.) Maintaining the persecution complex as an unconscious mindset denies one the opportunity to practice self-analysis which, in turn, keeps them the victim because they will never come to a place where they can observe why others are responding to them with disdain. Let me explain. When we feel we are constantly under the attack of others and that the attacks are unwarranted, we create an energetic imprint upon the mind that generates a magnetic field welcoming more persecution which, in turn, validates the feeling of victim hood.

I am not saying that persecution isn’t a real thing. We have all experienced a time where we have spoken a truth and it was hard for someone to take, so their natural response came in the form of persecution. We have also read stories in history and even witnessed in our daily life the prejudice that breeds hatred and persecution. I am talking about when one maintains a state of consciousness that resonates on the tone scale of energy with the concept that everyone is against me and my people for no good reason. The persecution complex, denies us vital information from the field of consciousness that is seeking to be known. When others disagree with what we perceive are the “right” conclusions it is registered in the mind as persecution. This is a lower energetic state of consciousness.  Ralph Waldo Emerson declared, “May I never make the vulgar mistake of dreaming I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”

The way to rise above this persecution complex is to be conscious enough to notice the message the other person is giving you.  What are they trying to tell you? Is it true? Is there some validity to it? If we never ask these questions we will never be in a position for further light to penetrate our consciousness. All this being said, if it is part of your mission to expand the consciousness of the planet, expect some persecution because you will be butting up against the safely guarded paradigms of the unconscious. St. Paul reminds us that everyone who wants to live a godly life will be persecuted (2 Tim 3:12)  It becomes our prerogative to be humble enough to hear what the opposition is upset about and wise enough to discern between truth and error and courageous enough to stand in the truth with compassion and divine presence.

Enter the devil’s playground.

The dark side can really have fun with one who is maintaining a persecution complex regarding the power of the devil. I am going to share a few sayings I hear frequently among those who are aware of spirit entities.  Maybe you have heard some of these that I will share with you in a moment.

As a side note, at one point of my spiritual journey I was deeply anchored into these beliefs and the outcome of believing them has been ridiculous and outright harmful to my spiritual progress.  At the time, I was so rigidly and invisibly set in the persecution complex I couldn’t recognize how ego-centric these sentiments are. In my defense, my DNA literally has the imprint of martyrs from mob violence due to the religious persecution of my ancestors, so I like to think I have a genetic excuse. Anyway, have you ever heard the saying…

“The higher the levels the stronger the devils?”

How about, ”I must be doing something right because I feel like satan is working on me overtime.”

And this one, “My mission and purpose are so disruptive to satan’s plan that I am constantly under attack by his minions.”

Do you hear the persecution complex?  Whenever anything we perceive as bad occurs, the persecution complex will blame the conflict on the external forces they perceive are against them rather than inquire within to see what they have projected onto their field of consciousness. There are a few problematic things with buying in to these sentiments.

First of all, these sentiments cause us to identify with and give power over to the dark side for all our conflicts, conflicts that may have been divinely orchestrated for our further light and knowledge not conspiracies of the devil. Consider that not all challenges, perhaps very few, in fact, occur because of some malicious external force trying to thwart our progress. If we blame it all on satan we will never take responsibility for our part. I am not saying there is no evil, I’m attempting to expose the evil of not taking accountability for our ignorance of the mechanics of the Universal laws of Cause and Effect. If the conflict is in your field, you have called it forth for further light and knowledge; if you blame the disruption on the devil that further light and knowledge remains in the dark.

Next, when we believe the phrase, “the higher the levels the stronger the devils “what kind of message are we buying into about the joy of spiritual progress when the promise of this pursuit is to have satan’s elite chasing after us stronger and faster? Oh yeah! These sentiments wreak of the ego mind, can you hear it?  IE: I am so special, I am so extraordinary, I am so exclusive, I am so righteous and gifted that I am more of a threat to satan’s plan than most people. Really? Why would you want to maintain that mindset? Not only is it an invitation to “come get the special one” but it thickens the energetic imprint of separation (the veil). Is it not our goal to achieve oneness with the Divine? Let’s set our focus on the Divine. Why would we want to enter lower dimensions and play “Nanni, nanni, nanni, you can’t catch me” with the devil?”

Now, consider the idea that “I must be doing something right because I feel like satan is working overtime” when we agree to this sentiment we risk imprinting upon our mind that unless we are in satan’s radar and have his full attention we are not doing something right.  What if the opposite is true?  What if an indication that you are doing something right (or aligning with the laws of the Universe)  is that we experience a feeling of total bliss and excitement, an abundant flow of every good gift? When things are going swell then we may thwart it all and go into panic mode in fear that we are off track because I can’t feel satan anywhere near. Is it really productive to blame the dark side for our challenges or shall we become more responsible in what we are projecting on to the field of our consciousness? When we blame satan for what is coming into our field of consciousness we absolve our self from having to look within, thus limiting our capacity to reach our full potential.

If you are participating in doing your inner work, it doesn’t matter what is going on around you, what matters, and what has the power to protect you is what is going on within.  Believing you are vulnerable and that evil can penetrate you without you first creating a “welcome” or an “opportunity” is not true. You hold the space. When you raise your frequency and inhabit more of the 5th Dimension you become unmesswithable. Its not that there is no evil, its that you give it no power or authority within the domain of your mind.  You have become one with God, united with the mind of Christ. Him who was most persecuted did not obsess over the persecution nor did He complain about how unjust the world was, He simply continued on with His business and refused to give His power and His conscious awakened mind away to the enemy.

5 Myths about Humility that keep us Proud

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For many, the character of humility is desirable. We admire one who is naturally amazing but doesn’t seem to feed off the praise of others. Some seem to be born with humility and others of us have to consciously check our thoughts feelings and actions to see if they are fitting our definition of humility. After all, one who has mastered the quality of humility has transcended the ego and accessed their Christ nature.”God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble”. (James 4:6) Regardless of our religion or upbringing there is no argument that most of us naturally detest arrogance. We have little respect for those who think they are better, smarter or more important than others. We love to hear inspiring stories of those who seem to have everything yet take their time, money and gifts to serve those less fortunate.

Sometimes, in our effort to develop the quality of true humility we participate in activities that keep us blind to our own arrogance. Arrogance is the inflation of the ego.  There is a part of us that wants to be acceptable, included, and important. These are natural human desires we are all wired with. Pretending that we do no have these needs and desires is just another attempt to raise ones self above another. Arrogance is our craving to be more acceptable, more included and more important than others. However, one maintaining a low opinion of them self is just as out of alignment with true humility as one who esteems them self better than their peers.

No wonder we are confused about what it means to be humble, the Latin definition is defined as lowness, small stature, insignificance, baseness, littleness of mind. Why would our Creator design us to admire greatness, desire significance, strive for knowledge, aspire to enlightenment, expansion and fulfill our full potential if the godly trait we are to cultivate is this rather bleak and uninspiring definition of humility? Problematic indeed.

Below are 5 myths about humility that keep us proud and a new understanding of the desired trait of humility that will reveal our ability to cultivate this quality in a way that does not diminish the light that we are meant to shine to the world with confidence and clarity.

1 – We want others to see us as humble, especially our religious peers. We know the code of the culture and the expectations we place on our self and others in the name of God to be humble.  We say things like, “I give all the glory to God” after we have just amazed others and our self. For some reason we need to vocalize where we want the attention and praise to go in case others might think we are trying to drink in our amazingness. We wear humble clothes to appear modest and impress others with our humble speak and our simple ways while secretly judging those who are not as humble as we are. We do, say and act in ways that will cause others to think of us as humble, righteous and godly, when in fact we are more concerned with whether they think we are humble than we are with whether we have truly cultivated humility. True humility is a quality of character that expresses itself effortlessly, not through deliberate attempts to impress, please or manipulate the truth of who we really are.

2 – We downplay our greatness. We wave off the cheering of the crowd and deflect any admiration or praise. We cannot accept a sincere compliment. Part of us wants to receive the praise but the other part of us fears becoming too full of our self. When we shine, God is breathing through us without restriction.  We want others to notice, but we would rather they kept their admiration to them self so we don’t have to figure out what to do with the fact that they noticed some of Gods glory shining through. We want to be successful, we want to break our personal records but we want to be careful to make sure we don’t get too amazed with our self.  Noticing our addictions to praise and any egoic affair to be more than and better than others is true maturity but is it true that we cannot honor and acknowledge our greatness without being sucked into swamp of arrogance? Our attempt to manage our greatness and how others respond to it is a reflection of our need to control the outcome which poses a problem when God is really ready to work with us.

3 – IMHO (In my humble opinion) – This is such a popular response it has it’s own social acronym, however, its likely that what comes before or after “IMHO” is a judgment and an attempt to elevate ones opinion above another. Like Mr. Pumbleshook in Charles Dickens Great Expectations we reveal our arrogance when we preface our opinions by declaring our humility with the hope of scoring virtue points with those we are addressing. Needing to declare our humility is the most boastful of all. What if we shared our opinions without the fear of whether others thought they were sufficiently humble or not? As long an we know they are just opinions. (More on that further on)

4 – Acting humble with the hope of earning God’s favor. Acting humble, to some, may mean holding the tongue when it would have been more effective to speak courageously from the heart. Another example is allowing others to manipulate, exploit or even abuse us because we feel there is some virtue in not defending our self. We hope God sees our suffering and chalks it up to our favor somewhere in the cosmos. We lay low in the classroom or make our self invisible at work because our power frightens us. We have categorized our behavior with the lowness, insignificance, baseness and littleness of mind we read in the dictionary definition. We fear the heat of the spotlight so we do just enough to maintain embers and call it humility.

5 – A low view of oneself – We dare not consider that we are capable of greatness, after all, we are not made of the stuff of champions, we are an exception. We have convinced our self that we are too awkward, too dumb, too underprivileged, too insufficient. What we fail to realize is that every hero, every warrior, every character in the history of man who has made a profound difference in the advance for good has, at some moment, considered them self qualified to rise up beyond personal limitations and excuses.  They have given them self permission to tap into the greatness that is available to us all. Dare we call it humility to submit to the labels the world has placed upon us and deny our true nature as beings created in the image of God?

I am going to share what I have learned about humility that perhaps may bring less conflict to this paradox when we consider some optional definitions. With humility comes wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2)

When we understand the cosmic situation we are in and we awaken to the understanding that you came to this earth as an empty, programmable, pliable, soul. You unconsciously downloaded millions of ideas, behaviors and opinions of your tribe, your religion, your environment, your family. Whether or not this conglomeration of software is right or wrong, the ego wants desperately to believe we are right, it provides a false sense of safety.  Perhaps the greatest humility is our ability to consider I, we, us, might be wrong. There is no place on the planet where beings are not downloading programs of how the world is, who God is, or how to be right with God and the world. Who is right and who is wrong is only revealed when the ideology is held up to the light of the universal principles of love, compassion, freedom and progression. When this becomes our syllabus we are now permitted to find truths wherever they may emerge and, of course, continue to embrace those truths we have been taught that align with this universal light.What appears to be a faith crisis to some is actually a faith expansion to those experiencing the awakening process.

Paul in the New Testament said “If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness”. (2 Cor.11:30) Part of acknowledging our weakness is realizing that our programming is no better or worse than that of others, that our thinking and subtle reactions and responses are products of our conditioning and so are theirs. Could it be that the Holy Spirit’s greatest challenge of communication is to break through what people think they know so that the eternal truths can be revealed? What if the humility we are to cultivate is simply realizing that the way we see the world is filtered through our programmed perception? Things aren’t necessarily as you think they are just because that is what you have been told. In this place we become truly dependent on our ability to hear the voice of God for our self rather than depend on the precepts of men.

Ah, but who am I if I unplug the software? Have I not lost my identity? Who am I without my church, my village, my family, my little certain corner of the world? What if who you are is you, minus the software? Back to innocence, back to pliability, back to the childlike, only now you have the mental capacity to see things with a grander, expanded view. “Truly, I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 18:3) The kingdom of heaven is the emerging 5th dimension.

When we adopt this mind set we become wide open to God showing us something different. When we are in awe and wonder about the way others go about life rather than attempting to measure their ways against ours we are in a higher state of learning, indeed we have accessed the realms of wisdom. Is there anything more arrogant than insisting that our way, our thoughts, our doctrines our beliefs are superior to others? Only the way of a fool is right in his own eyes. (Proverbs 12:15) How many wars could have been avoided? How many more will be waged because the need to be right has become superior to the need to understand, the need to adopt true humility?

Something powerful yet quiet invisible happens to a soul who realizes the predicament we are all in. They feel the need to be right is an abrasive idea. They are willing to challenge all their conclusions and assumptions about how they think things are, not because they have no foundation but because they are comfortable knowing that they have been programmed by other mere mortals. They are comfortable with uncertainty so they are no longer suggestible to the tribal codes. Their mind has the capacity to extend to multiple possibilities so they are curious to find out they may be wrong rather than needing so desperately to be right. The approval of others seems irrelevant to their desire to understand them self. They are free to amaze them self and accept that others are impressed, but because they understand their divine nature they find it ridiculous to use their triumphs as a token to measure their value against others with the same divinity. They celebrate the awesomeness of others as if it were their own, not as if it were a threat or challenge.

When ones mind expands beyond the need for their programming to be superior to others the result is natural, effortless humility. When one plugs into the higher program of love, compassion, service, kindness, progression and easing the suffering of others, they need no accolades, they seek no specialness, they are content to break through the rigid paradigms of weighing, measuring, competing and comparing and they become one with the very presence that is breathing us all. They have truly cultivated the mind of Christ. This transition cannot be fabricated, announced, or declared; one simply becomes humble.

This may tap into some of the myths about humility that feed our unconscious arrogance but what about the myths of humility that deny us access to our full potential? Another important blog for another time.



When Religious Programming Interferes with Spiritual Gifts


Not long after I became a Rapid Eye Technician I felt drawn to learn the healing art of Reiki. I soon found myself in a room with ten other students, mostly women, eager to expand their healing gifts. The instructor shared the history of Reiki, some specific symbols to be used in the Reiki process, and how to clear the mind to become a conduit for the healing energy to pass through. Then the time came for us to practice on each other. I immediately had an uncomfortable feeling and noticed a few of the other women also did a visible step back when it came time for us to lay our hands on another person for the intent of healing. One woman even left because of her discomfort.

As I went up and in to inquire of God whether this was right for me, I was prompted to go along and pay attention. During the training I would find myself distracted by my incessant asking God if this was appropriate, although each time I received a confirmation of peace. Some may say, “If God had spoken, why did you need to keep inquiring?” After having multiple experiences in my life, similar to this one, I can finally speak to this phenomenon with a little more wisdom than I had on that day of Reiki training.

During our break that day I learned that all of us who were hesitant to lay our hands on one another were LDS. We all agreed that reason we were so hesitant was because of our religious programming. We were conditioned to believe that only men with the priesthood had the right and privilege and power to lay their hands on another and call forth the powers of God in their behalf, or become a conduit for Gods power.  We had never seen a woman take this position and we feared we were being directed to do something inappropriate or offensive to God. The other students had no such barrier and seemed to enjoy quicker results than those of us tied down to our cultural paradigm.

Ironically, each of us felt spiritually led to learn Reiki, but the invisible psychological pull that was interfering with our ability to follow through with the procedure was a conflict between our religious programming and our intrinsic right and ability to work directly with God.

Since this experience I have heard many stories of LDS women needing scriptural conformation and approval from recent or past prophets to validate their right and desire to have God’s power flow through them. Most of them do not seek this validation so much for them self as much as they desire it for their doubting husband or priesthood leader. If you are one of these women a great resource is Healing Arts – A Gift from God

Although I admire the desire of these good women to seek external validation from their vein of theology, I now know that we do not require the permission of past or present prophets or biblical validation when we feel called to do Gods work, we just do it.

In the grand scheme of things, I can see that if I were the devil it would certainly be to my advantage to deny women access to their spiritual and healing gifts, and I certainly would not hesitate to use the theology of churches to do it. What a diabolically brilliant plan. The reason I believe this is because I have seen that when a godly woman over rides her religious programming and follows her heart she becomes a powerful force for good and her healing gifts flow through her without restriction.

Although we have a ways to go, we live in a beautiful time when women have the opportunity to be attuned to the voice AND power of God. No longer will her gifts lie dormant behind some patriarchal ideology. Internally, she knows better and she will magnify her gifts regardless. She will patiently, and some not so patiently, wait for the religions to wake up, but she need not wait to fully access her gifts until they do.

Spiritual gifts and the right to go up and work with God are not limited to any race, religion or gender. The heavens rejoice when any being seeks to know the mysteries of the kingdom for the purpose of easing the suffering of humankind.

God has no boundaries, no hierarchy, no position or limitation in which He can demonstrate His power.  His only requirement is a pure heart and a believing mind.

For a woman to fully access her healing and spiritual gifts she must gain the ability to discern between the psychological chains of religious programming and the voice of God. Although she may not distinguish them at first, she will eventually become restless until she follows the call implanted in her heart.

The trepidation I have for the boldness of this article and what I am about to say next is evidence that the religious programming is still wanting a firm grasp on my mind, but I will declare it anyway, for God’s voice has become more firm and reassuring.

Women all over the world are pleading for God to open the minds of their husbands and religious leaders to release the psychological barriers to our spiritual birthright. Whether men open the doors or not, the doors will be opened and the power of God will be manifest in its fullest only when women accept their direct rights and privileges to Gods power. We will prophesy, we will heal, we will reveal the mysteries, we will perform miracles in the name of Jesus Christ and cast out every evil in the same manner. (1 Cor 12:8-12) We will do so, not as secondary citizens of the kingdom but with direct permission from God. We will not be stopped, because when a woman awakens to her gifts she will be yet one more voice providing confidence and reassurance for her sisters to awaken theirs.

If you have ever doubted your right to work with God then go directly to God and ask for an increase in discernment between religious programming and the Holy Spirit. You will be shown. When you feel your conscience butt up against a limiting religious indoctrination, don’t swallow it down in the name of “things God hasn’t revealed yet” go up and inquire of God.

PS – For anyone assuming I am promoting that women in the LDS church need to be ordained with the priesthood, I am NOT. It is the programming that causes us to believe we do not already carry the ability for the miracles of God to flow through us or any idea that we need a mediator to access the spiritual gifts we have been endowed with by our Creator that I take issue with.

5 Steps to prepare to receive your Body of Light – Energy Healing Conference presentation at St. George UT 8/29/15

The first step in preparing to receive your body of light is to begin to understand the Shift from 3-5th dimension. Some of you may have heard about our planet shifting from a 3rd dimensional into a 5th dimensional planet or maybe you have heard that the 3rd dimension is going away, and you may be even asking yourself what the heck is 4th dimension?

Most of us are aware that a shift is well underway. We know something is brewing. It is not local, or just American, or Christian or Islamic, but it might feel that way when we are looking through our tiny lens. Nonetheless, it is a planetary shift underway and we get to be witnesses to it. All institutions are being challenged right now as part of this inevitable transition of the earth’s progression. None of the institutions are repairable, they will need to embrace the inevitable shift and be completely reordered, not restored, not upgraded, completely revamped. We are seeing money systems collapse, educations systems collapse, governments collapse, health care and the way we see health collapse, and religious institutions collapse. It is happening at an unprecedented pace on a global scale. Whether you see this as a good thing or a terrifying thing is solely determined by which mindset you are coming from. If you believe this transition is happening as a punishment for the wickedness of the world you are coming from a 3rd dimensional mindset. If you see it as something you do not have to fear because you are physically prepared for calamity, you, are coming from a 3rd dimensional mindset. If you believe there is something we must do to prevent this from happening you are still coming from a 3rd dimensional mindset.

If you are at an Energy Healing Conference learning about your energy system, internal healing, self-inquiry, spiritual expansion and natural, sustainable remedies, you might still be coming from a 3rd dimensional mindset but this is an indication that you are transitioning and entering the 4th dimensional stage or transitional stage. You are exploring outside the old traditions and giving yourself permission to activate and strengthen your spiritual gifts. Your ethno-centric (cultural) view is starting to expand and break away from traditions and old structures that are no longer working or they feel stale, stagnant, irrelevant or just plain boring. This is the 4th dimensional transition or transitional stage. This is where we are actively investigating the possibility that we are participating in creating our life rather than being pawns on a game board. We are grasping a hold of the concept that it is possible to manipulate things like our thoughts, emotions, and even our DNA to change the results we experience in life. We realize our DNA is not fixed as we were led to believe. We realize our thoughts are the finest form of matter and that we are equipped with a mind that has the power to capture, reorder and recreate our world. We are shifting from a place of survival into a place of thriving, learning, growing, listening, and advancing. Many of us feel like our soul is being led. We are searching for mentors and leaders and methods that resonate with what is bearing down on our heart. And even though we are a bit timid sometimes because it pushes against our current or traditional paradigm our yearning to know more and be more is beginning to be stronger than our need to conform to the old institutions.

So, what is 5th dimension? When we enter into a 5th dimensional mindset we start to see this planetary shift as a gift. It is something we are finally prepared for. Consider it is not something we earned because of our wickedness, it is something we have earned because we, together, collectively, globally, are now spiritually developed enough to be able to sustain the shift. A 3rd dimensional mindset sees all suffering as a result of wickedness. They are in a battle with darkness because their focus has been on the dark for so long so they see evil all around them. It’s terrifying. They are rooted in their ego state because they are feeding the fight or flight mechanism in the mind, the “us vs. them” mentality, the hyper vigilant effort to shield and protect, to shun and to guard and to worry. They attempt to use techniques like control, fear, shame, manipulation to get others to do the “right” thing. Now when I say these things and you are in that 3rd dimensional mindset it is likely that what you think you heard is that I am telling you there is no evil and no need to worry about the devil. That is not what I am saying but let’s see if you can sense the difference between the dimensions. In the 3rd dimension our focus is so much on combating evil that what we are doing is actually acknowledging it and giving it more power over us. This is not a peaceful mind or the joy we have been promised. I have been on that train for a very long time and I now know the difference between constantly being on the battle field with the forces of darkness and being immersed in complete light and peace in the absence of fear. When you are in the later state, the devil has nothing to chain you down to, nothing to hold you down or lock you into to the duality of His 3rd dimensional world. He is not a part of your vocabulary. You aren’t wondering what he’s up to next and strategizing your next battle move. In 4th dimension you can see yourself start to smile at the devil and say, I see what you are up to and you are dismissed. I recognize your attempts to pull me under and it is comical, not threatening. You don’t dwell on, speak of, or give power to the devil. In 5th dimension you no longer feel like you are under attack all the time because you are so obsessed with the light that you don’t have time to strategize, fanaticize and design elaborate escapes. You are no longer giving your energy away to the darkness because you are being filled with light.

I want to describe a little more about 5th dimensional mindset and the shift that is taking place. When you enter the 5th dimensional mindset you see this shift with a sense of exhilaration and excitement. You become part of perpetuating the transition not resisting it. You become actively engaged in teaching and training others. You are not bound by financial restrictions because you have tapped into the infinite supply. You aren’t just thriving any more, you are literally creating your world. You are no longer looking for mentors, authorities, leaders because you have cracked open the code to receive divine instruction for your unique mission. Sickness is no longer a part of your program because….well, we will talk about that in a minute too. You are moving forward with a clear sense of purpose because you are no longer under the control or fear of governments, churches, educational systems or other 3rd dimensional institutions. You are coming up with new ways to supply the necessities of life including electricity, food, education and even spiritual edification.

In short, you are activating your Christ consciousness. You see, that thing that is breathing us is the power of God is within us, and our potential is to be as Christ. You begin to see that the biblical promise of the second coming of Christ is a private and personal transition before it will become a collective event.

The 2nd step is understanding the instructions to sanctify ourselves: In Matt 6:22 we read: The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. (if you are one who has found great insight in using multiple translations of the Bible you will see that the translation of the word “single” also means clear, unclouded).

I am really interested in the expanded version the modern day prophet Joseph Smith shared regarding his insight into Matthew 6:22.

D&C 88:67 And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.
68 Therefore, sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall see him; for he will unveil his face unto you…..

If you understand your energy system you easily understand that the “eye” in the singular form is clearly referring to the 3rd eye, mind’s eye, or the instrument of creation. We also notice that the plural use of the word bodies is likely referring to our multi-dimensional bodies and auric fields. We can also safely assume that light is synonymous with revelation or comprehension and darkness is its antithesis. This verse is packed, indeed. I want to get to the part that tells us HOW to get to this place of being filled with light. The instructions are right there in verse 68. Sanctify yourselves!

Sanctify: There are multiple definitions of the word sanctify. We are familiar with “to make holy” “to consecrate” ” to purify” but there are a slew of other words to describe sanctify that we might be glossing over. Those words are” to accept” “to validate” “to allow” “to approve” “to support” “to authorize” “to unburden”. Put all those words in place of the word sanctify and we have some work to do that is clearly our responsibility. What will it take for you to fully “accept yourself” as the divine eternal being you are? What will it take to “validate” your own worth? What will it take to no longer seek approval from others because you fully approve of yourself? What more can you do to support yourself? Energy work, in my opinion is the very process of unburdening your mind and accepting your true identity. Embracing the atonement of Jesus Christ and allowing yourself to be christed.

Interestingly enough, our quality of life is a reflection of our relationship with our self. How you feel about yourself is in direct proportion to how much you have allowed yourself to identify with that Christ energy and how much you have allowed it to illuminate your being.

You see, the Holy Spirit cannot reside in a self-abusive mind. The self-abusive mind creates chaos, discord, it sends out a frequency of fear, control, dominance, exclusion, justification, excuses, judgment. A peaceful mind, one that is united with the mind of Christ, is the open temple that the Divine wishes to enter in. By sanctifying yourself, you are making revelation welcome. You are activating that spiritual mechanism within each of us to access the divine part within ourselves. Jesus said: The kingdom of God is within. The exit door from fear is challenging the mind and practicing dedicated self-inquiry about every conclusion you have come to and re-evaluating your belief system and dismissing anything that does not support your true identity as an infinite, eternal being with the potential to comprehend all things.
Sanctify yourselves and you will see God. Why will you see Him? Because you will no longer be bound by the illusion that you are separate. This is the 5th dimension. I hope you are starting to see that even though we are all here in this room together, the veil is thinner for some than it is for others because they have been actively participating in this sanctification process.

This leads into step 3. Re-evaluating and reconciling with our body. Your body is a bio-electromagnetic instrument that continues to baffle science in its intricate magnificence. You have one of those. How you feel toward your body is as important to you becoming a conduit of light as how you feel toward yourself. It is part of you. Like your cell phone it has more capacity than what you might imagine, your body has infinite potential.

The Healing Questions Guide I published in April 2015 is a tool I have been given the privilege to create to assist us in using the body to practice the essential art of self-inquiry. What is happening in the body is an indication of faulty programming in the mind and an opportunity to investigate your thought patterns and belief structures that are caught in your spinning wheels of light (chakras) and obstructing it from flowing.

We have the privilege of living in a time when we have access to our records. Your chakra system is your personal library of records. The beliefs you have established from birth are being encoded in your DNA and your chakra system is the balancing agent that helps to indicate where you may have a cog in the wheel. You don’t have to have the gift to see the aura or the chakras, but knowing and understanding the purpose they serve is essential to becoming proficient in getting your eye (minds eye) single and in alignment to the divine genetic programming encoded within your bioelectromagnetic instrument.

Learn simple, efficient and self-facilitating techniques, like Emotion Code, EFT, Simply Healed, Healers Blueprint, do what resonates with your unique set of healing gifts and get proficient at clearing out all the old genetic imprinting that is contributing to the sickness and decay in the body.

Now, on to step 4. Once we have sufficiently processed our body we are going to experience some changes. We are going to notice some adjustments. Some people think that a well-functioning body should be able to eat and digest anything. This is a 3rd dimensional concept. It is also a 3rd dimensionalconcept that we must force and manipulate our body back into submission with rigid diet and exercise. And though these things may help to release weight and get some minimal or even temporary results, for most people in this 3rd dimensional mindset they are still in the battle with food and their body and it takes a lot of their mind chatter and effort to subdue the body. In 5th dimensional mindset we realize that we do not need to control the body. We have not told our body how to digest and metabolize food, it does it according to divine design. We do not instruct our body how to heal a wound, it knows the way. Instead of seeking to be the master over our body we submit to the divine intelligence that is breathing into us and we listen to the wisdom of the body. When we sense resistance to certain food, we don’t think something is wrong with us, we realize that whatever we are eating is not in alignment with what the body needs. You can see at this point that every diet created gets thrown out the window and we allow our body to instruct us as to what it needs to release toxins, what it is deficient in, what it needs to heal. In the 5th dimensional mindset we no longer abuse food because we are filled from within. We quickly realize that foods in their most natural and raw form are what the body is requesting. We start to see water, sunlight and fresh air as a form of nutrition. Living foods with active frequencies or enzymes become the menu of an intuitive body. We stop pretending that we don’t know this and start valuing foods in their natural state. The divine programming of nutrients encoded within each seed becomes the downloadable information the body needs to bring all things back into order. We have to learn to listen and study what ingredients support specific aspects of the body. Instead of catering to the tongue with processed foods and looking for the best deal that fits into the budget with our case of coupons (I know that circus all too well) we see value in investing in the highest grade nutrition, which, many times are supplements because of what is lacking in our mainstream food chain. That is a long story for another class and another presenter, but it is key to taking charge of our physical health, our mental health and vitality. Medications will never be the answer and most of us already know this.

The next and final step that we will discuss today about preparing to receive your body of light is this topic of authority. At the base of our existence we have programmed some tribal beliefs about authority, tribal codes, expectations within the tribe. We learn that the wicked one takes away light and truth by 2 ways: Disobedience to the law of the Universe and Traditions of men. (D&C 93:39) We also know we are being taught the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. It is interesting. In the 3rd dimension we lock in our authorities and our positions and we become very rigid with the external rules and we begin to worship conformity because we crave certainty and security. We are drawn to anything and everything that promises certainty and security. We are very rigid about our beliefs, yet we are also very suggestible and easily manipulated by those who benefit by playing on our fears. As we shift into 4th dimension we start considering that the way we have done things may not have been the only way or the best way and we become open to new possibilities. We start to give our self permission to seek outside the box a little. In the 4th dimension we begin seeking guides, mentors, teachers. We may consider the teachings of Buddha, Wilber, Watts, Lao Tzu, Gandhi and other spiritual masters. We consider contemplative prayer. We want to know more about the spiritual practices around the globe and we seek to identify the thread of spiritual truths throughout history and world-wide. In short we find great value in being willing to be taught by others outside our tribe. We are in a state of learning and discovery because we are challenging the old paradigm. What is really exciting in the 5th dimension is that, if we have found the right mentors (those who are not trying manipulate us by profiting on our need for certainty) we begin to discover the source of pure revelation. We no longer look for those who claim to have the answers. We no longer feel the need to conform to institutions for safety and certainty but more for social and communal fulfillment. The main objective of a good mentor is to teach you how to trust in yourself, in your own internal compass and learn how to cultivate the unique divine seed that has been planted within you, a mentor who helps you create a space for that seed to emerge from the soil and connect directly with the light. The only certainty in the spiritual path is the security of knowing how to get connected to the divine source so you can hear the daily instructions of how to grow your seed into full maturity. The seed I am speaking of is the gift you have brought with you to ease the suffering of humanity and elevate your brothers and sisters. This gift is rewarding, fulfilling and an eternal characteristic of your divine nature and individual worth. By magnifying these gifts it becomes your work and your glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of human kind.

All other authorities fall away and your whole body is filled with light and the revelatory flow of light is shedding itself upon you without restriction. You have no need for others to follow you because your only intention is to assist them in waking up. You are no longer suggestible because your need for certainty cannot be played upon by igniting your fears. You no longer see through the eyes of your culture but you have a global perspective and it can even shift into a cosmic perspective. The duality of the 3rd dimension that has served to help you grow begins to dissipate and dissolve and you realize the adjustments that are about to take place on the planet are not so horrid because you see others as infinite eternal beings. You are not immune to their suffering but you realize it is the vehicle to get them where they need to be next. All suffering is a vehicle to further light and knowledge. You are able to stand in a place of serenity and peace as you listen intently to the heavenly instructions knowing that nothing more is required of you but to live in full harmony with the oneness of Christ within you. The idea of unity and Zion take on a whole new meaning. You start to connect with others on the journey who are in the same place you are but traveled a whole different route. With a different set of scriptures, a different set of rituals, methodology or mythology, and you don’t see that as a threat, you see it as the grand tapestry of Gods work weaving through the children of the world teaching them to WAKE each other up to their magnificence and their divine destiny. Your eye has been expanded, unclouded and single to the glory of God.

That is what it is all about. Waking up!

As facilitators of this grand shift we thrive most when we teach each other how to wake up. We glorify God by magnifying our gifts. We share one another’s burdens but we do it in the absence of fear. We are no longer afraid of our light and there is no man or system or institution that will prevail over the epic shift that is our destiny. It isn’t evil that is moving us into the next stage, oh no, the time is close at hand and those who are waking up have reached critical mass and you and I are part of that movement.

Copyright© 2015 Wendi Jade Jensen all rights reserved

Accused of Witchcraft


For centuries we humans have pointed the accusing finger at the things we don’t understand. We are caught in our small paradigm and when someone pushes the boundaries of our present world view we can react on a scale from fear, anger, and an attempt to control or we can be curious and excited. But make no mistake, when our world view is being challenged we will react. I have noticed my own reaction transition from being a very rigid, fearful skeptic to more curious and excited student whenever my paradigm is challenged. Obviously, I prefer the later, it is much more joyous.

My bishop didn’t tell me who the accuser was, but through the process of elimination I found out. Although at the time I felt so betrayed, now I don’t blame her for calling the Stake President (a regional leader in Mormondom) to warn him that I was participating in some very suspicious practices.

After becoming a Rapid Eye Technician (RET) I was so excited to share what I was doing with others. However, not everyone was as ready for it as I was. A whisper of opinions went around the ward family and I was oblivious to it. I had become so much closer to the Savior by participating in energy work that it didn’t really occur to me that others might think it was evil. Obviously I had forgotten my own first reaction to what I had been learning.

In retrospect, I don’t blame her at all, not that I think she was genuinely concerned about me, but I do think she was afraid, and she really had every right to be.

A Witch’s Lair
Come on in for a tour of my office a few years ago. On the desk you would see my new collection of potions. We call them essential oils now and if you are Mormon living in the West and haven’t heard of essential oils, no worries, I am going to use my special powers to predict that someone wanting to be your personal oils consultant will appear in your world soon. Nonetheless, they were in little brown bottles all over my office and I even had a wee little caldron that would shine a blue light and produce a mysterious vapor of white smoke. (It’s called a diffuser if you aren’t an oils junky.) We placed these potions on various parts of the body…..forehead, bottom of the feet, neck, belly, back. Think about it, if you don’t know about essential oils and you watch someone do their daily oils ritual it does look pretty mystical, especially if you add muscle testing to the regime.

Next to the potions you would see my magic wand on the table. It is really a clear fiberglass eye directing device that is used to help a client simulate REM sleep and gain access to limiting subconscious beliefs. If you were to watch me in a session you would see me viciously wave that thing in front of someone’s face while they were blinking and watch them cry or sleep or yawn or laugh, depending on how they react to the words being used to bring up the faulty subconscious programming. Then I would use the wand to help redirect stale, stagnant energy away from the body. It is a very active process for the one facilitating. It would look exactly like a witch dancing with her magical wand to cast a spell on her subject, but that isn’t what was happening at all.

Next to the magic wand you would see a series of spell books in all the colors of the rainbow. They were actually a series of specific session manuals that contained the common limiting and negative belief patterns that get stored in the mind and body. They are guides for RET facilitators to follow so they can make sure they aren’t missing any possible negative belief constructs. I was new so I depended on my spell books pretty heavily.

When you sit in my reclining chair you would then hear me reading the clearing scripts out loud. There are times I have the client repeat what I say; little incantations, to a fearful skeptic. Words help release toxic mental constructs and help direct the energy. You would hear me say, over and over, “let it go, release it”, and even have the client repeat negative mind scripts to expose harmful attachments. I admit, if one is not familiar with the language of clearing statements it could be disturbing, we just don’t talk like that normally.

Now, in Rapid Eye Technology training we learned so much valuable information about the right and left brain, and the conscious and subconscious mind. One of the tools we use to stimulate new neuropathways in the brain while learning is an eye patch. When you cover one eye, it shuts down another part of the brain so you are seeing things in a whole new way. I won’t go into all the science behind it, for the purpose of this story it was just another strange thing to stop by my house and see my patched eye…..more evidence I was doing some evil satanic ritual or attempting to access my ancient pirate ancestors. Shiver me timbers!

If all this is not enough to convince someone I was dabbling in the dark arts, I became a huge fan of tapping. If you haven’t tried Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) otherwise known as tapping, that, technique alone is enough to scare anyone. I would love to create a video with just the facial expression of tapping greenies; it would go viral for sure. When you watch another person tapping without knowing what is going on, it looks like you have hypnotized someone into acting like an orangutan; tapping the top of the head, under the arm, all over the face, beating the chest. That’s not all, they would then start breathing big sighs of breath while tears are pouring down their face, many times laughing only five minutes later. It is quite bizarre, but it works!

Potion, Caldron, Wand, Spell Books, Eye Patch, Incantations, Hypnotizing people into gorillas! Let’s face it, I was a full blown witch. Witch Wendi indeed! The only thing I was missing was a flying broom!

I will never know why she felt she needed to go directly to the Stake President to alert him of my necromancy instead of just coming to me and letting me explain, but I am so grateful that she did and I’ll tell you why….

Going to Trial
“Sister Jensen, could you and your husband come for an appointment with the Bishop?”

“Sure” I replied to the ward secretary one afternoon eight months after I started my RET training.

Hmmm, what new calling did they have for us? In true Mormon fashion the hubs and I started to speculate on all the available jobs and all the people who had been in their calling for a long time. When we sat down in his office we were both taken back when he asked if I would explain what I had been doing lately. I knew he was talking about the RET so I explained it to him as he listened intently.

I was surprised and impressed with him when he said,” Actually, when I got the call from the Stake President I researched it out. I understand it, I just wanted to hear your explanation.”

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

“Someone in the ward has gone to the Stake President and they are very weary of what you are doing and the Stake President asked if I would handle it. They want to make sure you aren’t doing anything inappropriate.”

Of course my mind started immediately fishing for the betrayer. Bless her heart, she would die if she knew that I found out so we will keep it between her and her Stake President because even to this day I imagine energy work scares her or maybe it’s the possibility of being wrong and accusing others falsely that is most frightening.

Next, my rather liberal bishop did something I did not expect. He gave me counsel on how to move forward with what I was pursuing. I’m sure my sister friend did not expect that either, I wonder if she was hoping I would have to turn in my recommend or be released from my calling or excommunicated. What he told me I will never forget.

“I can see that the relationship with you and your husband has improved. Wendi, I see a new light in you that is apparent. I don’t have any concerns with you continuing with Rapid Eye Technology” (As if I needed permission beyond what the Lord had already given me, but that is a story for another day.)

I then confessed something that had been weighing heavy on my mind, “Bishop, I am learning so many things outside the correlated doctrines of the church. I am learning things from sources I never expected. In my trainings I have experienced intense spiritual awakenings and revelations that I just expected would happen in the church or in the temple. Sometimes I feel afraid or guilty like I am doing something wrong but I feel a pull to keep learning. Do you have any advice for me?”

He thought carefully for a moment and then said, “Wendi, you are free to study whatever you are led to study, if you can’t trust your own intuition then how else will the Spirit be able to guide you? Keep following and trusting your heart. There is only one caution I would give you as you follow your path. If there is any philosophy or doctrine or theory that causes you to believe you are not in need of the Savior, turn away from that thing.”

That’s it? That’s all? I have permission to follow my heart? He wasn’t going to give me a list of what books I was allowed to read, or warnings from past prophets, or people to stay away from? He was going to allow me, no, encourage me to follow my heart and trust my promptings from the Spirit? Suddenly I felt so vindicated. That is what I had been doing all along. I just expected to keep following my heart until someone stopped me. I thought this call in was going to be my correction and warning but instead I was encouraged to trust myself. He then told me he had my back if there were any more issues to come up. That day I witnessed true priesthood in action.

Past Witch Hunts
I guess the reason I was so shocked is that I had seen so many other LDS women healers leave Mormondom. Not because they didn’t believe in the Book of Mormon or in Joseph Smith, they did, it was because the rigid doctrines they heard at church were no longer elevating to the heart, but more entangling. They had also been treated poorly by many members who feared what they were doing and learning. Their bishop’s and church authorities did not handle their witch trial as wisely as mine had and it left some religious damage. They would rather follow their heart than position any church leader as authority over their private mission. They found it easier and more loving to worship the Lord privately and serve according to their own conscience. Although I understood their position, I couldn’t do that. I loved the church too much and I didn’t ever want to fall away. I wanted to know how to bridge the lack of understanding.

I don’t know what my husband thought of that meeting, although he fully supports me now, we had so many arguments about what I was doing because we have awakened at different stages. I guess at the time I didn’t care. All I could remember is how curious it felt to have permission from my church leader to follow my heart. I started to believe in myself even more but I have to admit, I started to wonder what other parts of my life I was approaching timidly because I thought I needed permission and I lacked a complete trust in my heart and in the Spirit to lead and teach me, directly.

Do you trust yourself to find your path? Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to pursue what you are being pulled to do? Are you afraid to lose friends, family members or push against your cultural world view so much that it is keeping you stuck? I believe each of us has a special mission to perform and the only way we will truly discover it is by giving full permission to our self to be led directly by our own Spirit and by the Spirit of God. The mission and message we have come to share with the world is already planted within us, no one outside of us can tell us what that mission is or how to pursue it. We cannot let the fearful ones and the unknowing ones keep us from our path.

A Clarion Call: To the hundreds of thousands of innocent women throughout history who have been accused, abused, suppressed, and executed by a fearful, controlling and naive system. May we give our selves permission to access our spiritual gifts and use our feminine intuition to the earth, emotions and healing to bless the lives of the planet without apology. To all the women who have questioned their own authority and right to discover their healing path and establish a direct correspondence to God’s power,I invite you to rise up! And as Christ said on the cross. “Forgive them, they know not what they do”. But you do, you know what you are doing. Fear not, this is your time!

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A Prompting or Spiritual Manipulation?

I have recognized a cultural phenomenon when people verbally claim to have promptings about what others should do with their life. For example: The Young Women Laurels president in our ward frequently gets up in front of the girls and says that there is something the Spirit told her to tell them and then she rambles on about what these girls should be doing. The other night the Bishop and his wife came over to visit with my single adult age daughter about her sporadic church attendance. The Bishop’s wife didn’t seem to care much about why my daughter wasn’t attending or what she could do for her, but she did mention that she had a prompting to tell her that her window of opportunity to find a man and get married is closing fast and that is the reason she should be coming to church, to meet some eligible young men. She is 20.

More examples:
In an article from an LDS newspaper, the author mentioned how she felt prompted to write about how ward members should not show affection in church because it was distracting to the spirit. The author made sure to add quotes from the apostles to validate her point of view. My daughter was chastened for drinking iced tea the other day by a young returned missionary who bore his testimony to her and told her he knew she would be happier for following the counsel of the prophet by not drinking tea as he sat down to enjoy his meaty meal and Pepsi. These stories of spiritual manipulation happen all around us. It is an invisible phenomenon I would like to touch on.

I am not saying that anything that follows the words…..I was prompted to tell you…….. are all spiritual manipulation, but I would invite you to consider why we use this theme.

Whenever we want others to subscribe or agree to our way of thinking we may use anger, yelling or force, or we might be tempted to use a pleasant, kind, tone to coerce, persuade or convince another that their thinking and actions are not pleasing to God or that they have been given special permission to receive direction for others. When we use guilt or shame as the tools to get someone to do something we think they should do or feel it is egocentric spiritual manipulation. We know when we are being manipulated because we experience a gut feeling of anger or discomfort but because the manipulator is using words that seem like they have our highest concern in mind, we allow them to step into a position of authority. In reality these type of people need you to conform to their view or to convince you of their special spiritual stewardship because they lack genuine spiritual maturity.

If you feel prompted to say something to someone, just say it without the precursor. If you were truly prompted, they will hear it.

Me, the Queen Spiritual Manipulator:
The way I started to understand this invisible manipulation is quite painful. I woke up one day and realized it was the language I had used to get my way for years. I used it with my husband. I used it with my children. I used it in my church calling. I was under the illusion it was effective until I realized I was losing the respect of my loved ones and they did not feel safe to think different than me, to challenge my viewpoint nor did they feel like they would ever please me. This is not or never will be the pathway to joy.
The ego needs to be validated and acknowledged, it lives in a state of fear not only for the self, but for others, and an ego with a spiritual twist is most conniving. I needed my children to conform to my fundamental church views so we could all be saved, no empty chairs at the table. I wanted others to know I had a strong, relationship with God that they should envy because their adoration convinced me it was true.

The twist in all of this spiritual manipulation is that, I did it because I wanted to be loved and I wanted others to know that I loved them enough to tell them what they needed to do with their life to be happier.
The solution? Well, for me it was to acknowledge I was participating in spiritual manipulation, then I had to come to terms with why I was manipulating. I realized I truly was a loving being and wanted what was best for others, but I also realized I didn’t know what love really was and I certainly did not know what was best for others. I knew that in order to experience higher levels of love and joy that I needed to change my intention and speak in a truly loving and authentic way.

I learned to stop telling my children they needed to do ________ to make Heavenly Father happy. I’ve also heard mom’s tell their children Jesus is not happy when they do _____. This is not true. We simply do not have the ability to control how Jesus feels. Do we really want to teach our children that Jesus’ happiness is dependent on what they do? Do we want them to be good for goodness sake or to attempt to make Jesus happy? We are not here to please God with our guess of what that might be, we are here to learn how to cultivate the characteristics of love.

I also stopped making my husband feel guilty for not taking what I felt was the prescribed patriarchal roll in our family. I hear so many women disappointed in their husband’s priesthood performance and use gentle and spiritually manipulative tactics to kindly let him know their disappointment. I am a personal witness that this never works. “Any effort to enforce (or manipulate) divine principles will end in disaster.” Enzio Busche

I realized that when I shared spiritual experiences I needed to be honest in why I was sharing them and be sure it wasn’t to get others to be envious or see me as someone with a special relationship with the Lord, or to get them to do anything. When you have a genuine connection to the Holy Spirit you really have no need for others to validate it.

I started asking the special people in my life quality questions so they could see the best choice for them rather than tell them what they needed to do with their life. I let go of the idea that the best choice for them was what I felt was right. I removed myself from being the authority in the lives of others. I focused on helping them have confidence to be the authority in their own life and trusting that they had the spiritual mechanism to communicate with God for themselves.

I realized that my purpose and gift to others was not my amazing righteousness or my perceived stewardship for their life or my spiritual abilities, it was my ability to help them know how much I loved them and trusted them to make their own choices and create their own personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.
Guess what happened. My children and husband started to feel safe around me. People at church were drawn to listen and share their experiences with me. I was happier because I had released the straight jacket of conformity and turned my face to the Lord. I was more filled with love and it created a safer environment for my children and spouse to express their love and acceptance for me because I was filled with love and acceptance for them.

Now I recognize the core of spiritual manipulation is worship of cultural conformity out of fear rather than worshiping the Lord by loving and lifting others. We do not need to tell others what they need to do or should do, try letting them know that you love them and then ask them quality questions to understand why they do what they do. Ask the Lord what He would have you do for this person and then ask the person what you can do for them. By and by they will feel your genuine love for them and they will seek your counsel. They will trust your words and the joy and safety they feel around you will spark the curiosity for them to know what you know. Your connection to the Lord will be unmistakable and you will have no need to prove it to others. Your influence for good will be magnified as you lay the ego to rest. The secret is; when you stop spiritually manipulating yourself you will naturally stop spiritually manipulating others, but that story is for another day.

A Prayer for Letting go of Spiritual Manipulation: Holy Spirit, have mercy on me. Thank you, thank you for helping me know when my words are manipulative and for teaching me how to come from a genuine place of truest love. Increase my ability to release the need to control others and their choices. I ask for the power to see beyond my small view and see with the eyes of eternal love. Help me activate the language that lifts, inspires, elevates and invites others to know their potential and feel the love available to them.

A Side Note: I know this topic can be sensitive to many but I want you to know why I write about it. The day after I published this blog a woman told me how it helped her recognize spiritual manipulation. A family member told her that they had felt prompted to tell her that if she read her scriptures more her husband would be healed. This happened after she has been giving her full heart out to studying, fasting, praying, daily scripture study. This is over reaching, it is unsolicited and advice given when one is ignorant of the facts. It is manipulative and it is spiritually damaging, not healing. My hope is that we will recognize when it is happening to us and when we are doing it to others and stop it.

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